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Keynote Images - 3d Woman Idea

Here’s an idea for some really cute images to add some pizazz to your Keynote presentations…

The image package available below includes a wide selection of cute and attention grabbing 3d male/female “bubble” type characters.

Images like this have a universal appeal and are ideal to lighten and brighten all sorts of Keynote and PowerPoint Presentations.

Also included:-
How to obtain quality Royalty Free Photos at Zero Cost for just about any subject (with no need to attribute) plus professional looking buttons and text boxes.

In fact, graphics like the one shown above are perfect for adding a little zing to all sorts of other projects like:-

  • Web Pages.
  • eBook illustrations.
  • All sorts of Advertising materials.
  • Posters and Notices.
  • Videos (including YouTube).

The image pack collection available here includes 105 cute male and 100 even cuter female 3d “bubble” type images in various poses and guises. Here’s a brief sample of just a few of the appealing little characters that are included:-


The sample images shown above have each been sized down to approx 300px but the package includes over 200 top quality full size 1500px PNG images. The universal PNG format means these images can be:-

  • Easily resized with no loss in quality.
  • Laid on top of any colour of background.

Resizing and inserting these images (seamlessly) on top of any sort of coloured background is no problem. Even when there’s no photo-editing program available, all that’s needed is a quick visit to the site as demonstrated in this video:-

That’s all there is to it. You can then use the resized image anywhere you like with just a few clicks of your mouse.

There’s really so many uses for these images and just imagine how much these little guys and gals will brighten up your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, websites etc.

The entire image collection is available for immediate download right now for only $17. That works out at less than 10 cents per image (and that’s without even taking into account the thousands of Royalty Free Images available via Bonus Item No. 1 below).

Click on the button to obtain instant access and to download the folders containing the following files :-

  • 105 3d man character 1500 pixel size PNG images.
  • 100 3d woman character 1500 pixel size PNG images.
  • Bonus Items as below


Three Free Bonus Items Included

Bonus Item No. 1 – Royalty Free Images at Zero Cost
Video demo showing where and how to legally obtain Royalty Free Images at zero cost for just about any subject.

Don’t underestimate the value of this one!

Just one single solitary image like any of the half-dozen high quality samples shown in the image viewer below could easily cost $6 or more from a Stock Images site.

Here’s another random example from the thousands of quality images that are available. Try clicking it to see a larger size version:-

(Please click on image to see larger size)


There are even lots of illustration type images available from this same source. (Like the business-woman example shown on the left).

And here’s another big plus:- There’s no need even to attribute to the original photographer or artist for any of these images as they are all designated as being in the Public Domain.

This means there’s no requirement to say something like “image used courtesy of xyz” or something similar. (This is often a requirement when using free Royalty Free Images).

No more taking risks using copyright images or spending good money on stock images 🙂


There’s another quick video below showing how to optimize images for use in a website.  Potential visitors (and Google) do not like sites that are slow to load and images that are not optimized can really slow things down and harm the ranking of the site.


Bonus Item No. 2 – Create Stylish Text Boxes in Seconds
Create stylish text boxes to make important phrases or blocks of text really stand out using a free online tool.

Check out the Neat Text Boxes Page for demo video and output examples.

Bonus Item No. 3 – How to Create Stylish & Professional Looking Buttons
Very quick and easy method of creating very attractive looking buttons for use in web pages or as a “badge” type image for use in presentations etc.

Try this one out if you like, it’s a working example:-

Example Button

More details available in the Create Buttons Page.


Keynote Images Package Testimonial(This text box was created using Bonus Item Number 2 described above)

So just to recap, the full Keynote Images package includes:-

Keynote Images Package

  • 105 Male Character 3d bubble type images. Size 1500 pixel in PNG format.
  • 100 Female Character 3d bubble type images. Size 1500 pixel in PNG format.
  • Video demo of how to resize images using either a free to use online website or Photoshop. (Better quality version of the one above).
  • Video demo showing how to obtain Royalty Free Images at zero cost and with no need to attribute to original author/photographer.
  • Video demo showing details of the free website to visit and live demo of how to create stylish text boxes in a matter of seconds.
  • Free to use resource for creating attractive buttons in a variety of styles.


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